It’s a “No – Brainer”: Continuous Fossil Fuel Burning Is Causing Continuous Rises in Atmospheric Greenhouse Gas Levels Which Are Causing Continuous Temperature Ocean and Sea Temperature Rises Which Are Causing Continuous Ocean Level Rises

How bad is climate change now? – The New York Times

The only real debates left are over how fast and how far the climate will change, and what society should do to limit the damage.
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But with the rising death toll from the Coronavirus, the worsening and growing two-headed monster Global Warming/Climate Change continues to be fed.

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NASA: The Atmosphere is “Extremely qThin” and Harbors a Two-Headed Monster

It may be “thin”, but it’s also “extremely” strong in capturing the radiant energy from the Sun.

As the Sun’s rays strike the surface of earth, they are transformed into heat, which causes earth’s surface, ocean waters and atmosphere near the surface to rise, and continue rising, as the earth’s gravitational force prevents the heat from being released to space. Consequently, temperatures on Earth continue rising.

  • Because the earth’s atmosphere is so thin, it means activities occurring on Earth’s surface can easily influence it.
  • Case in point: The continuous burning of fossil fuels for – Heating, Electricity, and Transportation; and Military Exercises; and the Paving of the “Green Space” that previously absorbed heat and consumed carbon dioxide with heat absorbing and “green-space” replacing Asphalt and Concrete (Portland Cement), and with other construction materials – has resulted in much greater volumes of carbon dioxide and other ” heat capturing” chemicals to earth’s atmosphere, making the atmosphere’s ability to capture the energy emitted by the Sun that much stronger, and will continue to do so the more we on Earth continue with these practices.
  • The quagmire we are all in: either we cease and desist with these practices, or the Two – Headed Monster of Global Warming/Climate Change so many of us have helped to create will keep growing.

Otherwise, nothing else will matter. Because our Earth will become as every other known celestial body in the Universe – devoid of all life – and nobody wants to see that outcome, not now, not ever.

22 APRIL 2020 – EARTH It’s Time to Call Rising Greenhouse Gases in the Atmosphere and Oceans What We Ought Be Calling It: A GLOBAL EMERGENCY!

Never before in the history of humans inhabiting the earth have “greenhouse gases”, – the residuals of fossil fuel burning reached the levels in the atmosphere that they have currently reached. These gases transform our Sun’s radiant energy into heat. Then earth’s gravitational force holds that heat close to the earth’s surface – it does not simply dissipate off into space.

The results have been the in for quite some time now: warmer average annual global temperatures , warmer ocean waters, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, shrinking Arctic ice cap and loss of Antarctic ice shelves, more and larger icebergs, Greenland ice sliding into ocean, in the temperate and tropic zones, a growing, numbers of heat wave deaths, worse storms, flooding, drought, fires.

This is just the beginning of more disastrous consequences of the human race’s burning of huge amounts of fuels created over billions of years in just 300 years, starting at the time of the Industrial Revolution. Economists call these consequences “external costs”. Ecologists imply say there is no such thing as a free lunch when it comes to exploitation of the earth’s resources.

We need to all face the facts. Nine billion human beings, along with many more animals scattered throughout the planet, are sitting on a ticking time bomb called the earth. Global warming will ultimately cause more death and destruction than the Coronavirus, the Plague, and all the wars and “natural” disasters in earth’s long history, combined.

But because the fuse for the catastrophic ending that global warming will bring about (unless we take the necessary steps to turn things around now) is slow burning and our so-called leaders of the world and their brigade of “yes people” act as though they remain unaware of what scientists have been predicting for decades.